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26 year old rum in just 6 days?

That’s the aim of this startup:

Davis allows himself a wry grin and then walks to a rough-wood bar at the far end of this … jungle, I guess, pulls out a bottle, and pours me a glass. “That is our new Navy rum,” he says. But he seems a little distracted. He begins tapping at his smartphone display. Most–but not all–of the artificial candles brighten and dim at his command. “It is buggy as shit,” Davis says. He excuses himself and slips behind another set of drapes.
I sip rum as I attempt to figure out how he has pulled together this Las Vegas–bore fakery in the two short months since he and his girlfriend-slash-business-partner, Joanne Haruta, signed the lease. It’s good. However, as I drink, I consider another question: What the heck?
Before I can arrive at an answer, I detect something moving, something substantial creeping at a speed slower than a walk. Through the dim candlelight I see a pair of golden Egyptian sphinxes, each two or three feet high, mounted on the front of what seems to be a barge that is soundlessly floating down what I realize is an elevated canal. Then I see Davis, standing amidships just like a vanquishing explorer.

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